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The importance of balance during the busy tax season


Buffalo Chapter President

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” the saying goes, and while it expresses the pleasure people garner from their labor, this popular phrase implies that when we engage in meaningful tasks and careers we love, effort is easy; work is no longer “work.”

Most of us CPAs probably aspire to such satisfying work, but we cannot presume that meaningful work is easy; we all know that is not the case, and it often makes us overwhelmed. Does this logic bolster the theory that we do not need a break from our responsibilities if we are truly called to do them? Maybe this is why it feeds the guilt we feel when we have reached our limits. Has this ever happened to you? Remember, fatigue makes cowards of us all, so guard yourself against excessive tiredness.

Our profession creates very meaningful tasks, but with these comes extremely hard work. As a result, we must learn to take breaks and balance our life.  Is may sounds somewhat selfish, but if we do not take care of ourselves  first, we cannot be good for others. As they tell you on a plane, put the oxygen mask on first before helping others.

An age-old saying that is true for all times is that “faith is caught, not taught.” But only when we long and desire for something more can we truly obtain. We catch it through witness of others. When we have true values, we are motivated to live with them and teach them to others.

As CPAs, we have the chance every day to teach by example—be it by personal in-depth conversations or living and promoting values in our everyday life. We are the trusted advisor, and we have a chance every day to make a difference with our actions and to share the richness of the gifts we have because of faith to do what is right.

Look up the words “ethical “and “moral.” See if you can distinguish the differences in both. You will  find that you can be “ethical” and not “moral,” but you cannot be “moral” if “ethical” is not within your inner beliefs.

Tax season is upon us, and with it brings tremendous pressure along with long hours and many challenges from out clients. I suggest that when you are pushed up against a wall, step aside, take a deep breath and do what is right. Not easy, but it can be done. Lead by how you live your life, and you will usually make the right decision. If you make a mistake, and most of us have—at least I have—then start over and  fix it until you get it right. Remember, you are never asked to be the best; you are just encouraged to do your best. Seize that  first moment at the beginning of your day when the alarm goes off, get up and begin. is can be the  first victory and can set the tone for the whole day. Stop procrastinating and move forward.

As motivational speaker Matthew Kelly once said, “Nothing will influence your success or failure at anything more than your ability (and willingness) to delay gratification.”

When I have been writing for the past year, I usually pray beforehand to provide an inspiration of how we CPAs can and do make a difference by trying to do what is right at the end of each day. We all know it is not easy, but then again, what worthwhile things are?

I do hope you will all reflect on our jobs at hand and do the best hat you can possibly do to make that difference for someone, be it an individual or a whole company.

At our last meeting, we generously spoke of our upcoming education night and how we need to be providing more scholarships for our young gifted future CPAs of the world. We acknowledged that we must continue to invest in the future for the good of our profession.

I am so thankful for Kevin Penner, our co-president, who has stepped up to take charge of our meetings and lead our NextGen group by great example.

Thank you to Lisa Mrkall for her leadership role in working with the Real Estate Marking Association for a wonderful networking social in January. Not only that, but she has stepped up admirably to take our board minutes while our secretary remains on maternity leave.

Lastly, Jim Gramkee, our president-elect, along with Kevin Penner and myself, participated in the sole practitioner teleconferences to lend timely insights while addressing the many challenges specific to the sole practitioner.

Thank you for reading Buffalo’s contributions to our society.

God bless you all.

As I always say, Buffalo is awesome because of its wonderful, kind, compassionate and great people.

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