September 2007/Vol. LXXVII, No. 9


Does Financial Literacy Contribute to Happiness?

Protecting the Tax Dollar

From the Editors

Client-Centered Professional Financial Planning

Premium Financing

Book Review: Personal Financial Planning

Inbox: Letter to the Editor


Accounting & Auditing
Regulation of the Profession
Sarbanes-Oxley, Accounting Scandals, and State Accountancy Boards

Accounting for the Purchase of Life Settlement Contracts

Understanding Disclosures of Postretirement Healthcare Obligations

Financial Accounting
Variances, Incentives, and SFAS 151

Federal Taxation
Nondeductible Versus Deductible Expenses

Second Circuit Rules on Deductibility of Investment Advisor Fees Incurred by Trusts

Can a Video Poker Player Qualify as a Professional Gambler for Tax Purposes?

Personal Financial Planning
Rethinking College Savings Strategies

Educational Tax Benefits

Using 'Monte Carlo' Simulations to Enhance Planning Recommendations

The CPA in Industry
Effective Controls for Sales Through Distribution Channels

Ten Practical Suggestions for Terminating an Employee

Corporate Finance
Funding OPEB Liabilities: A Proposal for the Automotive Industry

Responsibilities & Leadership
Future of the Profession
Assessing the 'New Information Professional' Beyond College

Accounting Accreditation

What to Bookmark
Website of the Month: Benefit Plans Plus

Economic & Market Data
Monthly Update
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