June 2005/Vol. LXXV, No. 7


2004 Max Block Award Winners Recognized

Getting Proactive About Quality Review

Selecting a Keyboard

The Value of Time: Why to Use a Time and Attendance System

Securing Document Management Systems: Call for Standards, Leadership

Blogging 101 for CPAs

Preventing Mistakes in E-mail Records Management

Is It Time to Spend Money on IT Again?

Accounts Payable Automation Pays Dividends

Technology Can Build Better Customer Relationships

Acknowledging the Sham of the AMT

Vault Career Guide to Accounting


A Hard Look at Tax Software


Accounting & Auditing
The Two-Class Method for EPS: Theory, Rule, and Implementation

Online Resources
Twenty Questions About Tax Resources on the Internet

Federal Taxation
2004 Tax Update: Federal, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

State & Local Taxation
E-filing Update for New York,New Jersey, and Connecticut

Corporate Finance
Valuing Employee Stock Options: A Binomial Approach Using Microsoft Excel

Not-for-Profit Organizations
Nonprofit Organizations' Cost Allocations

Corporate Finance
Property Record-Keeping and Section 404 Certification

Responsibilities & Leadership
The Computer-Based CPA Exam

Information Management
Navigating the Standards for Information Technology Controls

What to Bookmark
Website of the Month: Kaplan CPA Review

Economic & Market Data
Monthly Update
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Mapping GAAP's Route

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