Website of the Month: CPA2Biz

By Susan B. Anders

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MAY 2008 - CPA2Biz ( is a for-profit marketing and technology subsidiary of the AICPA. The web portal debuted in 2001 and was reviewed in this column in September 2002. Much has changed on the site, which was redesigned about a year ago. Readers who have been using CPA2Biz only to order materials will find that the website has much more to offer, including free resources.

Website Organization

The redesign offers more navigational features, including tailored search aids for specific areas of the site. All pages have a top navigational bar for the “homepage,” “store,” “member benefits,” “for your clients,” “CPA marketplace,” and “newsletters,” each with additional drop-down menus. Above the main bar are links for “my account,” “sign in,” “catalog quick order,” and “shopping cart.”

A navigational index can be found below the keyword search on most pages. Left-side indices target the most popular features on the homepage. The bottom of each page has links to customer service features. Finally, the top of each page has a navigational path.

The homepage presents a broad overview of the site with highlights of particular materials. From the left-side index, users can browse by type of product, topic, or other resources. The center of the homepage promotes for-purchase resources. At the bottom of the homepage, a banner highlights “what’s new.”

Free Resources

Some of the best free features are located at the bottom of the main pages “store,” “member benefits,” “for your clients,” and “CPA marketplace.”

CPA2Biz offers webcasts that are free if users choose to receive no CPE credit, and low cost for those who choose the CPE option. CPExpress, also found on the CPE page under “more CPE options,” offers a free 30-day trial for up to two free credits to registered users. Offerings include hundreds of CPA2Biz regular one- and two-credit courses.

The AICPA’s free “Competency Self-Assessment Tool” (CAT) can be accessed from multiple locations, most easily via a link at the bottom of the CPE page. The CAT is designed to identify strengths and weaknesses in topical areas such as taxation, fraud, or audit, as well as leadership qualities and personal attributes.

“Member benefits” provides links to discount programs offered by a variety of companies. Under “additional member benefits” are links to the AICPA’s “CPA marketing tool kit,” “global accounting alliance,” and “career development” webpages.

“For your clients” promotes a free webinar on practice management and links to the AICPA independence and ethics guidelines, both at the bottom of the main page. The ethics link includes a quiz, downloadable “Interpretation 101-3,” and a free hotline for AICPA members.

“CPA marketplace” has a career center and classified ads. The career center has a free job search, resume posting, and beginning career tools, as well as resources for employers to post positions and review resumes. Classified ads cover practices for sale, in addition to products and services. The bottom of the “CPA marketplace” page includes useful links to the AICPA’s “audit committee matching system,” “PCPS firm practice center,” and “tax center.”

“Newsletters” allows users to sign up for one free e-newsletter, chosen from CPA Insider, Career Insider, Corporate Finance Insider, Corporate Taxation Insider, Tax Insider, or Wealth Insider. Archives of these publications are available even without a subscription or registration. A search by topic returns articles from the AICPA and other publications.

Susan B. Anders, PhD, CPA, is a professor of accounting at St. Bonaventure University, St. Bonaventure, N.Y.




















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