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By Susan B. Anders

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AUGUST 2007 - is the accounting and finance arm of, a technology-career website. JobsintheMoney provides job posting resources for employers and job search tools for employees. The website focuses on accounting, finance, retail banking, and wealth management professionals. There is also substantial editorial content, mostly aimed at job seekers, but employers and accounting professionals will find many useful articles. Except for job postings and advertisements for employers, use of the website is free.

The homepage is organized around the job search and career-related features. There is a keyword job search tool at the top and a job search index in the middle, followed by recent career news and advice articles. A left-side vertical index is dedicated to job seekers. Links to employers’ tools can be found on the right side. Featured jobs are highlighted at the bottom of the homepage, and featured companies are presented on the right side.

Job Seekers

Candidates can search job offerings and read articles without signing up for an account; however, users must be registered to post resumes. Resumes can be easily uploaded from DOC, RTF, or PDF files, or the job seeker can use the website’s resume-builder template. Job seekers can sign up for a weekly job market newsletter, employer highlights and promotions, and job alert e-mails.

Candidates can search accounting and finance jobs via three routes. The first is a keyword search function that is available at the top of the homepage. The advanced search option allows fine-tuning by sector, location, and position.

The second option is the set of hyperlinks for jobs by sector and location in the center of the homepage. The sectors include accounting corporate finance, banking, and wealth management. The subcategories under accounting include audit, fraud/forensics, general accounting, tax analyst, CFO, and controller. Searching by location provides a choice of 47 states and 10 major cities.

The third option is under the left-side Job Seeker index, which offers a hyperlink to search by one of 260 companies. The employers using JobsintheMoney cover a broad spectrum, from CPA firms of varying sizes to corporations, to government agencies, to not-for-profit organizations.

The individual job postings provide details on candidate requirements and responsibilities. Links are available to apply for, e-mail, print, or save the job.


The Recruiter’s Office, which can be accessed from the homepage and any of the main pages, provides links to post jobs (listings start at $349) and to purchase job ads. Contact information is provided for employers to search resumes. More than three dozen client testimonials are presented via a hyperlink.

General Information

On the Career News & Advice main page, the most recent articles are listed first. A new article has been offered every two to three days going back to January 2005.

While the main focus is on helping job seekers, there is some coverage for recruiters, as well as general industry news of interest to all readers. Recent articles include “Job-Market Forecast: Not a Cloud in Sight,” “Fiduciary Accounting a Growing Niche,” “Are Employers Too Picky?” and “N.Y./N.J.: Revised Qualifying Experience.” A review of articles offers interesting insights into recruiting trends, such as the return of a demand for CPAs with audit experience in high-level accounting positions outside of public accounting.

JobsintheMoney’s blog, Career Wire, can be accessed from the left-side index or directly at The Career News & Advice page presents weekly “Best of the Blog” articles with highlighted posts.

Susan B. Anders, PhD, CPA, is a professor of accounting at St. Bonaventure University, St. Bonaventure, N.Y.




















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