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MAY 2007 - In February 2007, The CPA Journal editors were informed that approximately two-thirds of the content of the article “Auditor Rotation and the Quality of Audits,” by Nashwa George, published in the December 2004 issue, was taken verbatim from a paper, “Mandatory Auditor Rotation: Arguments and Current Evidence,” by Paul L. Walker, Barry L. Lewis, and Jeffrey R. Casterella, published in Accounting Enquiries, Volume 10, No. 2, Spring/Summer 2001. The article published in December 2004 of The CPA Journal has been permanently removed from the online archives at

The CPA Journal maintains a zero-tolerance policy concerning plagiarism. Published articles that the editors determine to include plagiarized content will be removed from the online archives and readers will be notified of the action. Furthermore, manuscripts received from an author determined to have at any time submitted plagiarized material will not be considered for future publication in The CPA Journal.




















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