Website of the Month: Eisner LLP

By Susan B. Anders

Note: This column periodically reviews the websites of some of the larger public accounting firms, as well as the smaller firms with particularly good websites.


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MAY 2007 - Eisner LLP is a regional public accounting firm ranked by Crain’s New York Business as one of the largest New York City–area accounting firms. Eisner is also included on the Inside Public Accounting’s list of the 100 largest accounting firms in the United States. The firm recently upgraded its website,, and offers good examples of using a website to market services to new and existing clients, as well as to attract potential job applicants.

Eisner’s homepage and main pages reflect a consistent mission, and are designed to provide the user with an understanding of the firm’s culture and a personal connection to the organization. The graphic and text design are the same throughout the website, but the uniform message goes deeper than the design. The website’s focus is on connecting with the user from the user’s perspective, rather than the firm’s view of its own accomplishments. The firm makes use of client testimonials in several locations.

The homepage devotes the prominent center space to a large graphic that shows the firm’s five core values. The main pages, and their related subsidiary pages, present a stationary shot that unifies the topical grouping. The home and main pages provide a top menu bar containing the main features of the site: About Us, Services, Industry Areas, Careers, Our Professionals, Online Library, Emerging Issues, and Global Reach. Navigation is aided by a link to the homepage at the top and bottom of every page.

The homepage uses the space below the graphic to provide individual links to each individual Service and Industry Area, which can also be reached via the top menu bar. The right side of the homepage offers a selection of news and events listings. One convenient feature of the website is the print function at the top of each page. Depending on the user’s computer setup, a webpage can be printed in portrait format, which is helpful when hard copy is needed.

The main and subsidiary pages offer several features that increase the user-friendliness and appeal of the website. Each webpage is fairly simple and uncluttered. For topical areas with a substantial amount of materials, the main pages present indexes of hyperlinks to subsidiary pages. Eisner takes every opportunity to provide links and background information on specific contact personnel so users can find out more information on a particular topic, as well as firm publications related to a page’s subject matter. Some pages include links to external websites that pertain to a page’s subject matter. Articles and newsletters are available in printable format and as downloadable PDFs.

Potential Clients

The Eisner website presents excellent examples of a firm website used to attract new clients and retain existing clients. About Us connects to a firm overview describing the organization’s mission, office locations, and client testimonials. The main pages of the Services and Industry Areas describe the specific services the firm offers and include other features as well.

Audit & Accounting, Eisner Retirement Solutions, Health Sciences, and Internal Audit & Risk Management provide links to outside websites pertinent to the field. Eisner Retirement Solutions, Internal Audit & Risk Management, Personal Wealth Advisors, Sports, Media & Entertainment, and Tax Advisory Services offer links to firm newsletters and other publications with articles on that subject area. Litigation Consulting & Forensic Accounting is particularly well-developed, with details on recent engagements and a longer listing of firm personnel who work in that area. Not-for-Profit includes an extensive selection of links to outside websites, a sampling of specific clients, and connections to several firm personnel.

One of the most important features on the Service and Industry Areas main pages is the inclusion of firm employees who can be contacted for more information. The personnel information includes the name, title, phone number, e-mail, and a link to the individual’s background and specializations. Our Professionals, on the main menu bar, presents an alphabetical index of the firm’s partners, principals, and directors. The names are hyperlinked to an individual contact form offering a photograph, professional biography, specializations, and e-mail.

Potential Employees

Job seekers will be interested in the Careers feature on the main menu bar. Specific firm personnel contact information is provided, as well as tools to search available positions and apply online. The position information includes job title, department, location, date posted, and a link to a description of responsibilities and qualifications. Applicants can upload their résumés.

General Information Seekers

The Eisner website does not take advantage of providing general information as an opportunity to attract users who surf the web but not specifically for an accounting firm. The site makes a start, with some news and events items on the homepage; however, these could be better targeted to attract general information seekers. The Online Library provides a topical index of links to PDF files for firm newsletters and reprints from other publishers.

The website has other good resources, such as the 87-page Eisner 2007 Personal Tax Guide, that should appeal to the general public, but are not featured on the homepage. Accounting students and other job seekers may find the Crain’s and IPO accounting firm listings valuable (which were linked from the homepage at the time of this review). A good selection of links to outside websites is available, but they are not all presented in one location.

Susan B. Anders, PhD, CPA, is an associate professor of accounting at St. Bonaventure University, St. Bonaventure, N.Y.




















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