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DECEMBER 2007 - The editors would like to thank the following ad hoc reviewers and members of the Editorial Review Board who, in addition to the Editorial Board members listed on the masthead on page 4, evaluated manuscripts over the past NYSSCPA fiscal year (June 1, 2006, through May 31, 2007).

The editors would like to thank all of these individuals for their contributions in ensuring that The CPA Journal provides the highest quality technical content for accounting professionals. For more about how articles are reviewed by the Journal, as well as a breakdown of the submissions received in the past fiscal year, please read Mary-Jo Kranacher’s editorial, “2007 in Retrospect at the Journal”.

David Ashenfarb
Anthony Basile
Roy S. Beckerman
Robert W. Berliner
B. Anthony Billings
Bruce M. Bird
Quinton Booker
Stephen R. Buschel
Mary V. Campbell
Lynn Chambers
Anthony S. Chan
Charlie Chen
Scott M. Cheslowitz
Robert Clovey
Robert H. Colson
Vincent J. Cosenza
Franklin H. Federmann
Allen Fetterman
Myrna L. Fischman
Derek A. Flanagan
Craig Foltin
Neil A. Gibgot
Fred R. Goldstein
Robert L. Goldstein
Henry Goldwasser
H. Stephen Grace Jr.
Kenneth J. Gralak
Louis C. Grassi
Murray S. Hoffman
Robert Israeloff
Julian Jacoby
Richard C. Jones
Alan D. Kahn
Ron Klein
Edwin J. Kliegman
Joseph Koletar
Allan D. Koltin
Michael Kraten
William Rea Lalli
Joel Lanz
Patricia Lawrence
John F. Lemanski
Yosef Levine
Moshe S. Levitin
Ford Levy
Howard B. Lorch
Larry Maples
Ariel Markelevich
Terrence W. McCarthy
Jennifer Moore
Mark Mycio
Ian Nelson
Yossef Newman
Raymond M. Nowicki
Dennis O’Leary
Jason Palmer
Ganesh M. Pandit
Marilyn A. Pendergast
Rita M. Piazza
Allan Rabinowitz
Mark Rachleff
Arthur J. Radin
Yigal Rechtman
Richard A. (Dick) Riley
James Robertson
Ary Rosenbaum
Warren Ruppel
Stephen F. Ryan III
Theodore J. Sarenski
Stephen A. Scarpati
Randy Schwartzman
Barry Seidel
Lawrence E. Shoenthal
Joel G. Siegel
Debra M. Simon
Edward Slott
Jennifer C. Smith
Gerry Sokolski
Charles A. Spector
Joel Steinberg
William Stocker
Ron West
Roy Whitehead
Priscilla Z. Wightman
Kyle Wissel
Cristina N. Wolff
Kenneth T. Zemsky
Paul Zikmund
David S. Zweighaft




















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