Website of the Month: AccountingPage

By Susan B. Anders

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JUNE 2006 - AccountingPage, www.accounting, bills itself as “a comprehensive index of web-based tax and accounting resources,” which is an accurate description. While the portal appears to be targeted to practicing accountants, accounting students and anyone in need of professional accounting services will find it extremely helpful. The website is organized in a simple index format, which will appeal to accounting professionals and will make the search process fairly efficient. Within each broad category, the suggested websites are mostly listed alphabetically, aiding the search process. For categories with a larger number of resources, subsidiary indexes are provided. The most popular topics are presented on the right-hand side of the homepage under “Hot Category.”

Users should expect to spend time sifting through AccountingPage’s offerings, as over 9,000 links are provided. A small portion of the resources either don’t appear to be accounting-related or are in the wrong category. Most links that were tested, however, are in good working order, and some are under multiple categories. Additionally, all of the links tested opened in a new window, which increases the ease of navigation as well as the speed of the search process. New searches are best accomplished by returning to the homepage.

An outstanding feature is the broad coverage of accounting-related materials. Various specializations are represented: general accounting and bookkeeping; financial accounting; tax accounting; auditing; and forensic accounting. The portal offers links to international websites and specific state resources. There are over 22 categories in the center of the homepage, the largest of which are “By State (U.S.),” “International,” “Organization,” and “Software.”

By State (U.S.) and International

State resources can be reached by “Click on a State” at the top of the homepage, or by selecting the “By State (U.S.)” hyperlink under “Browse by Category,” also on the homepage. The By State (U.S.) webpage offers Nationwide; the individual 50 states; Washington, D.C.; and dependent areas (Guam and Puerto Rico). Within some topics, featured websites are listed first, then the rest in alphabetical order. Nationwide offers accounting-service providers; miscellaneous service providers, including insurance and loans; professional associations; and specialized job-search websites. For states with several links, an index groups the resources by statewide and by county. Statewide resources include state-oriented tax software and job-search sites. County resources generally include CPA firms and other service providers.

International accounting websites can be reached via the “See International Accounting Sites” hyperlink or “International,” both on the homepage. The subsidiary page for International presents an index of links for Worldwide and 52 countries. Under Worldwide, AccountingPage offers links to accounting firms with international practices or located in specific countries; accounting and tax software; job-search sites; online courses; practice management services; and software and other resources. The materials under individual countries contain accounting-service providers and professional

CPA Firms and Other Service Providers

While CPA firms are listed under most topics, users who specifically desire to locate service providers can best approach the search in a few ways. “Organization,” under “Browse by Category,” presents an alphabetical listing under its “Firms” subsidiary page. The Firms page offer a further grouping by Bookkeeping Firms, Consulting Firms, CPA Firms, Management Firms, and Small Business Firms. Service providers are also under “Hot Category” via Individual and Small Business, Bookkeeping Services, Firms, and Financial. If a user is searching for an accountant in a specific state or country, the By State (U.S.) and International webpages would be good places to begin.

Other Resources

“Software” is one of the best-organized categories on AccountingPage. The software resources are indexed in 28 categories, including Check Software, Construction, Management, and Specific Industry. Many software categories are further indexed to make searching easier.

“Accounting Directory” includes links to other accounting portals and accounting-specific websites; directories of accounting professionals; and other miscellaneous directories. “Accounting Jobs” materials are grouped by Career Resource, Executive Search, Job Boards, Job Listings, Placement, Recruitment, Resume, and Staffing Services, which are fairly self-explanatory. “Tax Help” is most useful for nonprofessionals, except for the Value-Added Tax category, which may benefit accountants with international clients.

Susan B. Anders, PhD, CPA, is an associate professor of accounting at St. Bonaventure University, St. Bonaventure, N.Y.




















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