Website of the Month: AccountingStudents

By Susan B. Anders

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MAY 2006 - Accounting majors, instructors, and practicing accountants will find a useful resource for beginning Internet searches on a variety of accounting topics. Although the website is designed for students, both educators and practicing accountants will also find helpful resources. Recruiters and professors might also want to check out topics that students are searching.

The AccountingStudents homepage presents a newsletterlike design, with current news links front and center. The key to locating specific information is the main “directory,” at the top. The left side of the homepage lists the frequently updated “most popular searches” and “recent forum posts.” The main pages for the major topical categories utilize a consistent design, with advertisers’ links (partner listings) at the top, followed by the topics “listings” and “directory.” The left side contains the categories “favorite searches” and “most popular resources,” which are the same for all topical main pages, but are not the same as the “most popular searches” on the homepage. The listings include links to online articles, other portals, consultants, and vendors. The topic directory connects to subsidiary pages within AccountingStudents where the links to outside resources are presented.

Navigation within the website is best accomplished by returning to the homepage or by utilizing the navigation path at the top. The search process is slowed by duplication in the linked resources, with many results appearing multiple times on the same webpage. There is also no obvious order or organization to the listings, and some linked resources are out of date.

The most efficient approach to locating much of the information is to begin with the main directory on the homepage. The resources are organized into 14 major categories; besides students, many topics should interest practicing and academic accountants.

Accounting Students

High school and college students should be interested in locating assistance to fund their education and may find the resources on “grant listings” and “scholarship listings” worth their time. Both listings offer links to guidebooks, government programs, and search services. The “grants directory” provides search results on about 80 topics such as student grants and graduate school grants. The “scholarship directory” lists over 150 searches, including specific company and organization scholarships, specific major scholarships, and National Merit Scholarships.

For locating resources that may provide course-related information, the “accounting standards” and “financial accounting listings” include online articles, book vendors, and links to online encyclopedias. “Homework help listings” offer tutoring services, Internet resources, and study tools. The “accounting standards directory” provides search results for approximately 150 specific searches and national accounting standards. “The CPA exam listings” offers links to CPA review courses, software, and study guides. The “directory” presents about 100 search results, including state boards and requirements. The “Accounting jobs listings” include job search portals and career tips, and the “directory” includes over 180 search results.

Professionals and Educators

The “accounting software listings” include online articles with software reviews, links to software consultants and software vendors, and other portals. The “accounting software directory” provides search results for approximately 100 specific searches, including downloadable accounting, tax, and industry software.

The “accountant listings” offers resources to find accountants, and the “directory” includes search results for professional accounting organizations, including international bodies. “Accounting firms directory” provides search results that include large, middle-tier, and small accounting firms, accounting firms in specific cities and states, and accounting firms in other countries. Recruiters may be interested in the “fake degrees listings” and “directory,” which offer sources for acquiring such documents.

Susan B. Anders, PhD, CPA, is an associate professor of accounting at St. Bonaventure University, St. Bonaventure, N.Y.




















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