The Value of Time: Why to Use a Time and Attendance System

By Rich Watson

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JULY 2005 - In any business, the biggest requirement for growth is having time to dedicate to it. There are a number of ways that a time and attendance system can help grow a business:

  • Time is money. One of the biggest advantages of a time and attendance solution is that it saves time when payroll is prepared. For accountants that provide payroll services, this can boost the volume of business they handle, because less time is needed to process payroll for each client.
  • Getting it right on time. A key to providing a consistently high level of quality is having the right data. Implementing a time and attendance solution ensures that data are electronically tracked, and helps limit the possibility of error in data entry and classification of employee time. Employers want to be sure employees are paid accurately.
  • Flexibility. Time and attendance solutions can come as a stand-alone module, bundled together with other services, or implemented and integrated with legacy systems. Many of the available time and attendance solutions can integrate directly with a payroll solution, ensuring that data are exported into the payroll system seamlessly.
  • Changing times. The technology of a time and attendance solution is easy to implement and can be matched to the needs of the business. Solutions include automated timeclocks, web-based timesheets, and biometrics (e.g., using physical characteristics, such as a 3-D image of a hand, to identify users). Knowledge of the business can lead to solutions that best fit the company’s needs.
  • Time to practice what you preach. Nothing beats firsthand experience and knowledge. Any outside consultant recommending a time and attendance solution should have experience implementing it herself. By using a time and attendance solution, the advisor develops a more complete understanding of the offering’s capabilities, and can feel more comfortable recommending it.

Rich Watson is vice president of product management and accounting services for ADP Small Business Services.




















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