Top Five Reasons People Stay in Their Jobs

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A tough job market and bumpy economy have made Americans more loyal and devoted to their employers. A recent survey found that more than half of Americans think that people who spend a long time at one job are loyal and enjoy their work and their company. On the other hand, people who change jobs frequently were described as not knowing what they want to do or as just looking to make more money.

Of the survey respondents who were asked, “How long is long enough to stay at one job?” 39% said that more than 10 years is a good amount of time; 24% said five years; 11% said 10 years; 10% said two years; and 8% said one year.

The survey, conducted by Ajilon Office (, a national specialty staffing and recruiting services firm, also identified the top five reasons people stay at their jobs:

  • Being paid well
  • Liking their coworkers
  • Having job security, or building equity/seniority
  • Having good benefits, such as medical/dental insurance and pensions plans
  • Being used to the job.

The top five reasons people leave their jobs are:

  • More money
  • Better benefits
  • More opportunity for career growth
  • Less stress or pressure
  • Wanting a change of pace.

Additionally, many survey respondents said they typically start feeling that they might want to change jobs at the beginning of the year (18%) or in the spring (21%).





















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