Website of the Month: Eisner & Lubin LLP

By Susan B. Anders

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Note: Although all accounting firms use their website to communicate similar information, the approaches taken vary considerably. This space periodically reviews websites for some of the larger public accounting firms, as well as for smaller firms that have particularly good sites.

Eisner & Lubin LLP is a New York City–based accounting firm with a well-polished and professional-looking website at The website has many positive features, and is worth a look by CPAs that feel constrained by prepackaged website designs. It is attractive, interesting, and provides a clear picture of the unique character and identity of the firm.

The homepage is eye-catching, but relatively simple. It provides one important feature that many CPA firm homepages lack: the firm’s address and phone number. The homepage format and appearance is repeated throughout the website in a title header and a left-hand vertical index. The same vertical index appears on all of the webpages linked to information on the firm’s services, partners, industry expertise, publications, careers, and contacts. While the website principally explains the firm’s services to potential clients, there’s enough information to hold a browser’s interest and to be useful for clients looking for initial answers.

Services and Partners

The main vertical index lists Eisner & Lubin’s six service concentrations: comprehensive tax planning, estate planning, information technology, financial management, litigation support, and accounting and auditing services. Each service area has a subsidiary webpage providing a description of the specific service and a general contact link to request more information. These pages would be improved if they included the names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of available firm personnel. Additionally, the text presentation could be standardized for the various services and reformatted to require less diligent reading by the user. The “industry expertise” hyperlink on the main index connects to a webpage that provides a comprehensive listing of the firm’s specializations, but the trail ends there. Potential clients would find it helpful if firm personnel contact information were listed with each category.

One outstanding feature of the website is the identification of the firm’s partners, which many CPA firm websites do not provide. Eisner & Lubin’s website provides a substantial introduction to its partners, although it requires a bit of effort. The “partners” link on the main vertical index connects to a webpage with links to all of the partners’ names. This webpage could identify the partners’ specializations next to their names; currently, users must access each partner’s webpage to determine who they might wish to contact.

The individual partners’ webpages are well designed, standardized, and provide basic professional information about specializations, expertise, and education, while avoiding the extraneous content that many firm websites emphasize. Each partner’s webpage provides a photograph and a recording of the partner introducing himself. A helpful addition would be partners’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses to contact the individuals directly.

Eisner & Lubin’s website includes a well-organized section of “publications and articles” prepared by firm personnel on topics such as real estate, state and local taxes, and inventory costing. Some articles provide specific contact references or a link to a general request for more information on the topic. The firm’s brochures can be ordered through the website, but cannot be downloaded.

Susan B. Anders, PhD, CPA, is an associate professor at St. Bonaventure University, N.Y.




















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