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Official 2006–2007 Nominating Committee Report


The Nominating Committee, elected in accordance with Article IX of the bylaws, is pleased to enter the following nominations for Officers and Directors:

OFFICERS - to hold office for one year from June 1, 2006:

Thomas E. Riley, TFG CPAs, automatically succeeds Stephen F. Langowski, KPMG LLP, as President in accordance with Article VIII, Paragraph 5, of the Bylaws.

David A. Lifson     
Hays & Company LLP

to succeed Thomas E. Riley
Vice Presidents
Sharon Sabba Fierstein
Marks Paneth & Shron LLP       
to succeed Vacant
Richard E. Piluso       
Loews Corporation
to succeed Susan R. Schoenfeld       
Bessemer Trust
Robert E. Sohr
Own Account
to succeed Stephen P. Valenti
Own Account
Mark Ellis
Michael C. Fina Company
to succeed Raymond M. Nowicki
Nowicki & Company LLP
Neville Grusd
Merchant Factors Corporation
to succeed Himself

DIRECTORS-AT-LARGE -- to hold office for three years from June 1, 2006

Kevin Leifer
Ernst & Young LLP

to succeed

Michelle A. Cohen
Rotenberg & Company

Mark L. Meinberg
Feldman Meinberg & Company LLP     
to succeed Mark Ellis
Michael C. Fina Company
Robert A. Pryba Jr.
Pryba Tobin & Company P.C.        
to succeed Raymond P. Jones
Watson Rice LLP    
Liren Wei
Wei Wei & Co., LLP
to succeed Richard E. Piluso
Loews Corporation
Margaret A. Wood
Grant Thornton LLP
to succeed Robert N. Waxman
Own Account

DIRECTORS AS CHAPTER REPRESENTATIVES -- to hold office for three years from June 1, 2006

Edward L. Arcara
Own Account

to succeed

Ann B. Cohen
S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo

Finger Lakes
Kathleen G. Brown
Elmira College
to succeed Herself
Judith I. Seidman
Friedman LLP
to succeed William Aiken
Own Account
Southern Tier
Scott Hotalen
Vieira Skiadas & Company LLP
to succeed Philip G. Westcott
Johnson Lauder & Savidge LLP
Lauren L. Kincaid
Firley Moran Freer & Eassa CPA P.C.
to succeed David J. Moynihan
Testone Marshall & Discenza LLP
Elliot A. Lesser
Berdon LLP
to succeed Robert L. Ecker
Ecker Ecker & Associates

All of the nominees have consented to serve if elected.

Stephen F. Langowski, KPMG LLP, retiring President, automatically becomes Director for one year, replacing John J. Kearney, Jaeckle Kearney & Lepselter, in accordance with Article VI, Paragraph 1, of the Bylaws.

Terms expiring in 2007:

Deborah L. Bailey-Browne, Deborah Bailey-Browne, CPA & Associates
Thomas P. Casey, Casey & Cunningham
Anthony G. Duffy, Dorfman-Robbie, P.C.
Mark Ellis, Michael C. Fina Company
David Evangelista, Goldstein Lieberman & Company LLC
Sharon Sabba Fierstein, Marks Paneth & Shron LLP
Phillip E. Goldstein, Levitan Yegidis & Goldstein LLP
Neville Grusd, Merchant Factors Corporation
Don A. Kiamie, Windsor Management Corporation
Stephen F. Langowski, KPMG LLP
John J. Lauchert, Outsource CFO Consulting
Howard B. Lorch, Ohel Children’s Home & Family Services
Richard E. Piluso, Loews Corporation
Robert E. Sohr, Own Account
C. Daniel Stubbs Jr., Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Inc.
Edward J. Torres, Own Account

Terms expiring in 2008:

Debbie A. Cutler, Kramer Love & Cutler LLP
Joseph M. Falbo Jr., Swiantek & Falbo LLP
Myrna L. Fischman, Long Island University
Daniel M. Fordham, Martindale Keysor & Co., PLLC
Beatrix G. McKane, Holtz Rubenstein Reminick LLP
Ian M. Nelson, Own Account
Jason M. Palmer, Palmer Computer Services Inc.
Robert T. Quarte, Albrecht Viggiano Zureck & Company 
Thomas E. Riley, TFG CPAs
Anthony J. Tanzi, Del Rey & Company CPAs LLP
Ellen L. Williams, Eastman Kodak Company
Richard Zerah, Zerah & Company CPAs P.C.

Terms expiring in 2009:

Edward L. Arcara, Own Account 
Kathleen G. Brown, Elmira College
Scott Hotalen, Vieira Skiadas & Company LLP
Lauren L. Kincaid, Firley Moran Freer & Eassa CPA P.C.
Kevin Leifer, Ernst & Young LLP
Elliot A. Lesser, Berdon LLP
David A. Lifson, Hays & Company LLP 
Mark L. Meinberg, Feldman Meinberg & Company LLP 
Robert A. Pryba Jr., Pryba Tobin & Company P.C
Judith I. Seidman, Friedman LLP
Liren Wei, Wei Wei & Co., LLP 
Margaret A. Wood, Grant Thornton LLP

Respectfully submitted,

2005–2006 Nominating Committee
Steven C. Baum, Chair 
Ann B. Cohen 
Barbara S. Dwyer 
Neil A. Gibgot 
Jeffrey R. Hoops 
Martha A. Jaeckle 
D. Edward Martin 
Raymond M. Nowicki 
David Sands 
Thomas D. Weddell 
Philip Wolitzer